Novelion says PTAB affirms lomitapide dosage patents

Novelion Therapeutics said the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) issued a written decision in an inter partes review proceeding affirming the patentability of all claims on two patents covering its lomitapide dosage regimen for cholesterol.

“We believe we set forth a strong argument, supported by expert opinions, that the step-wise titration of lomitapide claimed in the patents was not obvious, and we are pleased with the PTAB’s decision to uphold these patents,” said  Novelion Therapeutics CEO Mary Szela.

“We believe we have a strong intellectual property portfolio for lomitapide in the US, which includes a composition of matter patent that expires in February 2020 and dosage regimen patents that potentially extend our exclusivity through mid-2027.”

Novelion said that of the two patents that were under review, US 8,618,135 provides the potential for exclusivity until March 2025 and US 7,932,268 provides the potential for exclusivity until August 2027.