ParkerVision hails PTAB rulings on Qualcomm IPR bid

Wireless chip developer ParkerVision said the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) issued its latest decisions related to petitions for inter partes review (IPR) filed by Qualcomm against ParkerVision patents, “increasing the favorable decisions to over six out of the ten petitions originally filed.”

“ParkerVision received early favorable rulings in March 2016 when the PTAB rejected Qualcomm’s request for institution on three IPR challenges to a ParkerVision patent,” said ParkerVision.

“With these most recent PTAB decisions, ParkerVision has received three additional favorable decisions and one split decision, confirming the validity of claims from a second challenged patent.

“Qualcomm received favorable rulings on two IPRs and ParkerVision chose early on not to defend one IPR challenge.”

ParkerVision said that with these latest decisions, there were no further IPRs challenging ParkerVision patents currently before the PTAB.

ParkerVision CEO Jeffrey Parker said: “We continue to take positive steps forward in our Qualcomm proceedings and believe these results are indicative of the strength of ParkerVision’s innovations and our plan to realize the value of those assets, particularly in light of the high success rate of petitioners in invalidating patents through IPR challenges.

“We are pleased that the PTAB confirmed the validity of claims from both of the patents we chose to defend.”