Teewinot gets biosynthetic cannabinoids patent

Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation and its subsidiary Full Spectrum Laboratories announced the grant of a US patent entitled “Apparatus and Methods for Biosynthetic Production of Cannabinoids.”

“The ‘212 patent has broad claims to a system for production of cannabinoids using cannabinoid biosynthetic enzymes expressed in microorganisms transformed with cannabinoid biosynthetic genes,” said Teewinot.

“FSL provides its cannabinoid biosynthetic services to others, and its cannabinoid biosynthesized pharmaceuticals, under its CannSynthesis.

“FSL’s proprietary processes are used to manufacture kilogram quantities of a wide range of pharmaceutically pure cannabinoids …”

Richard Peet, Teewinot’s executive vice president, FSL’s managing director, and co-inventor of the ‘212 patent said: “Our proprietary biosynthetic processes revolutionize cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical development.

“The ‘212 patent claims cover genetic engineering of microorganisms with genes cloned from the cannabis plant that code for cannabinoid biosynthetic enzymes and the use of the genetically engineered microorganisms to produce commercial quantities of pharmaceutically pure cannabinoids.

“The ‘212 patent is an important addition to FSL’s increasingly valuable patent portfolio.”

Teewinot CEO Jeffrey Korentur said: “We are encouraged by the volume of inquiries coming from all over the world as our manufacturing catalog expands.

“This demonstrated interest in our capabilities highlights the significant need for the diversity, price, and purity of cannabinoids we produce and the formulations we can create.

“Cannabinoid pharmaceutical developments are accelerating, and we’re proud to play a role in this expanding field of medicine.”