Via becomes administrator of W-CDMA patent pool

Via Licensing Corporation said it has become the new administrator of the W-CDMA Patent Pool effective immediately.

“Since its inception, the W-CDMA licensing program has provided implementers of this technology the rights to use pool patents that are essential to the usage of 3G technology in cellular products,” said Via.

“Via will work on developing further licensing opportunities for the W-CDMA Patent Pool and extending the company’s licensing programs to encompass multi-generational cellular technologies.”

Via said the W-CDMA Patent Pool licensors include AT&T Intellectual Property, Fujitsu Limited, KDDI Corporation, Inc., Koninklijke KPN N.V., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, NEC Corporation, Newracom, Inc., NTT DOCOMO INC., Panasonic Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Siemens AG, SK Telecom and Toshiba Corporation.

Products and services that use W-CDMA technologies include handsets and other user equipment terminals, removable data cards and embedded data cards for portable computers, notebooks and similar devices.

“Via’s expertise in running patent licensing programs related to wireless technologies makes us an ideal fit to administer the W-CDMA Patent Pool,” said Via president Joe Siino.

Via said it runs the largest LTE (Long Term Evolution) and LTE-Advanced patent pool.

“This is an important milestone for potential licensees as we can now offer a license to essential patents for both 3G and 4G wireless technologies and provide comprehensive licensing solutions for manufacturers and the industry,” said Taraneh Maghamé, who heads Via’s wireless licensing programs.