Clooney clone ad ‘does not violate copyright’

Espresso Club said Tel Aviv District Court Judge Magen Altuvia ruled that its use of George Clooney’s character in an ad does not violate Nespresso’s copyright as the judge dismissed the claim of Nespresso and Nestle.

“The court found that, although Nespresso invested millions of dollars in ads starring George Clooney, it holds no creators’ rights in his regard,” said Adv. Zohar Lande, who represented Espresso Club.

“The ruling further supports the Israeli companies’ freedom of competition against international giants like Nespresso.”

Espresso Club said in a statement: “Nespresso also argued that the spoof ad in which Espresso Club featured a George Clooney double had damaged its goodwill.

“The judge rejected the claim that the ad denigrates Nespresso’s products and goodwill by portraying Nespresso as inaccessible to those without wealth …

“The judge added that even if Clooney’s ad character is fictional, copyright belongs to George Clooney, the actor, not to Nespresso.”