Motorola Solutions files ITC complaint v Hytera

Motorola Solutions, Inc. said it filed a patent infringement complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) against Hytera Communications Corporation Limited of Shenzhen, China.

This latest action follows patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation complaints filed by Motorola Solutions against Hytera on March 14 in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

The ITC complaint asserts that Hytera is unlawfully importing and selling two-way radio equipment and systems and related software and components that infringe Motorola Solutions’ patents.

Motorola Solutions said it seeks an immediate investigation by the ITC, an exclusion order to halt the importation of the infringing products and a cease-and-desist order to stop the marketing and sale of the infringing devices in the United States.

Mark Hacker, general counsel and chief administrative officer of Motorola Solutions, said: “Hytera asserts that it embraces legitimate competition, but there is nothing legitimate about the illegal copying and misappropriation in which it has engaged.

“We are committed to vigorously defending our valuable intellectual property as we continue to drive innovation for our customers across the globe.

“We look forward to a full and fair hearing before the ITC, as well as the Federal District Courts in Chicago, and we are confident that these legal actions will be effective in halting Hytera’s egregious and unlawful behavior.”

On March 22, Hyerta said: “We are disappointed that Motorola Solutions has chosen to bring lawsuits against Hytera rather than compete in the marketplace.

“We are ready to respond vigorously to Motorola Solutions’ allegations, and are fully confident that Hytera will be vindicated in US federal court.

“Today’s radio communications markets are evolving, demanding new solutions, and are best served by continuous innovation from all market participants …

“Hytera has been one of the leading intellectual property owners in the industry over the last two decades.

“Since filing its first patent application in 2000, Hytera has been awarded 418 patents worldwide covering numerous innovations and advancements, including 238 patents relating to digital products.

“Hytera has been proactively protecting its innovative technologies.

“Given Hytera’s own global strategy of intellectual property protection, we have great respect for the intellectual property rights of others.

“By choosing the courtroom over the marketplace, Motorola Solutions is running from legitimate competition and attempting to use its size and market position to intimidate and prevent other radio communications companies like Hytera from achieving the same level of success in the United States that it currently has around the world.”