Soitec announces end of SiGen patent lawsuit

French semiconductor materials company Soitec said it and California-based Silicon Genesis Corporation (SiGen) have brought an end to the dispute regarding the importation and sale in the United States of certain silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers.

Soitec said last October that SiGen had made a second attempt to challenge Soitec’s importation and sale of SOI wafers in the United States on the ground of an alleged patent infringement.

“Both companies have agreed to dismiss all pending litigations including the proceedings in front of the US International Trade Commission,” said Soitec.

“This agreement reinforces Soitec’s intellectual property position and allows the company to better serve and protect Soitec’s customers and business partners …

“Soitec’s products ─ mainly SOI wafers ─ are critical for today’s global electronics chip industry, with SOI based chips being mainly used in smart phones, cars, IOT devices and networks.”

Ted Fong, CEO of SiGen said: “This settlement is a positive outcome for SiGen and we believe will be beneficial for the SOI industry.

“We can now focus on the development of new product applications with our proprietary layer transfer process technology.”