Google announces patent licensing initiative PAX

Alphabet’s Google has announced its latest patent licensing initiative “focusing on patent peace” called PAX under which members grant each other royalty-free patent licenses covering Android and Google applications on qualified devices.

“This community-driven clearinghouse, developed together with our Android partners, ensures that innovation and consumer choice — not patent threats — will continue to be key drivers of our Android ecosystem,” wrote Jamie Rosenberg, VP, Business & Operations, Android and Google Play, in a Google blog.

“PAX is free to join and open to anyone …

“We believe PAX will further expand the openness of Android for its members, promoting patent peace that will free up time and money for members, who can then dedicate those resources to creating new ideas.

“PAX members currently include Google, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Foxconn Technology Group, HMD Global, HTC, Coolpad, BQ and Allview.

“The members collectively own more than 230,000 patents worldwide.

“As more companies join, PAX will bring even more patent peace and value to its members through more freedom to innovate. ”