CommScope and Kethrein in patent deal

Communication infrastructure companies CommScope and Kethrein said they entered into a long-term global agreement to cross-license portions of their patent portfolios.

Under the agreement, both companies can access and implement the other company’s patents and technologies globally.

“The cross-license agreement relates to passive base station antennas, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and filters,” said the companies.

Ben Cardwell, senior vice president, CommScope Mobility Solutions, said: “This is a win-win for both parties, demonstrating our mutual commitment to innovation and wireless industry development.

“CommScope engineers will enjoy greater freedom of design, accelerating our research and development in antennas and filters, while Kathrein gains access to our valuable digital DAS patents.”

Kathrein is the only company that CommScope has licensed to its digital distributed antenna systems (DAS) patent portfolio.

As part of the agreement, Kathrein agreed to an undisclosed upfront payment and ongoing royalties specific to the digital DAS portfolio.

CommScope will gain access to Kathrein’s passive base station antenna and filter portfolios.

Further details of the agreement are not being disclosed.

“We are pleased with the global cross license agreement with CommScope,” said Jürgen Walter, executive vice president, Solutions Division, Kathrein.

“This agreement reflects the two leading companies’ joint view that innovation sharing and standardization of technology is critical to driving and accelerating industry evolution as we head into 5G customer requirements and future deployments.”