e.Digital gets new Internet of Things patent

IP licensing firm e.Digital Corporation said the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the company a new patent for “interpersonal awareness and the Internet of Things technologies.”

“This newly granted patent furthers the significance of our Nunchi patent portfolio and we expect it to strengthen our position when defending our patents against infringement,” said Fred Falk, CEO of e.Digital Corporation.

“This is the ninth patent granted into the foundational Nunchi patent portfolio that we believe is poised to play a key role in the future of mobile communications and the Internet of Things.

“Over the last thirty days, we have entered into multiple licensing arrangements and we expect to continue to generate revenue through our patent monetization activities.

“We are also excited about the recent merger between our law firm, Handal & Associates, and Greenspoon Marder.

“Greenspoon Marder is a nationally recognized firm with over 200 lawyers nationwide.

“Accordingly, eDigital expects to benefit from the firm’s increased resources and access to a nationwide network of attorneys.”

Digital said the Nunchi patent portfolio includes foundational technologies for mobile and fixed devices, cloud computing and adaptive computing “which enable devices to function introspectively, adaptively, and anticipatorily, providing new classes of user experiences, new revenue models and adding value to communications.”

In some applications, these technologies gather sensor and user data from enabled devices.
“Processing then interprets surroundings, activities, conditions and the social situation of the user, and acts on that intelligence,” added e.Digital.