CycloPure patent for water treatment technology

CycloPure, Inc., a provider of new technologies to remove trace contaminants from water and air, said the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent that provides broad coverage for CycloPure’s proprietary cyclodextrin-based absorbent materials and fabrics.

The patent also covers methods of using these new materials in applications “ranging from purification of water and air, functionalization of fabrics, and other chemical separations of importance.”

The absorbent materials disclosed in the application were developed at Cornell University by Professor Will Dichtel, the company’s co-founder and a 2015 MacArthur Fellow, and are under exclusive license to CycloPure.

“CycloPure’s technology is based on a new class of highly-adsorbent materials that separate and remove pollutants, even at trace concentrations, one part per billion and below,” said CycloPure.

CycloPure CEO said: “Our new technology outperforms current adsorption materials in every metric – speed of uptake, affinity, effective at trace levels, non-fouling, and regeneration.

“The applications and industries in need of water treatment are broad and global.

“With a cost-effective, simple to use and flexible technology, we are excited about our opportunity to provide important solutions to make water safe.”