Intertrust and Google help startups with PatentShield

Intertrust Technologies Corporation and Google have launched PatentShield, an intellectual property program designed to help startup companies defend against patent litigation threats.

PatentShield makes a large selection of patents available via a defensive portfolio curated by Intertrust.

Startups that join PatentShield can take ownership of patents from this portfolio for defensive purposes in the event that they are sued for patent infringement.

Intertrust said companies that are accepted to the program provide “a small equity grant to PatentShield.”

Google has joined Intertrust in launching PatentShield as a patent contributor.

Allen Lo, Google’s deputy general counsel, patents, said: “We are delighted to support PatentShield, which provides a targeted way to protect new and innovative businesses as they grow.

“The program extends the array of initiatives Google has developed to help reduce frivolous litigation in the technology space.”

Intertrust CEO Talal Shamoon said: “We designed PatentShield to protect innovators.

“We have direct experience with our venture portfolio companies being threatened in the past and conceived of this program in response.

“With PatentShield, startups can have additional peace of mind to grow while minimizing the threat from an un-defended flank.”