MDxHealth, Exact Sciences in patent deal, collaboration

MDxHealth SA announced it signed a five-year agreement with Exact Sciences Corp for collaboration in the growing field of epigenetics and molecular diagnostics.

Building on a relationship spanning more than a decade, the new agreement will allow MDxHealth and Exact Sciences to share proprietary technologies arising from their respective discovery and development efforts in the fields of epigenetics and molecular diagnostics.

Over the course of the collaboration, the parties may identify opportunities to share technologies in a range of indications, including urologic and lung cancers.

Exact Sciences is also acquiring MDxHealth patents directed toward colorectal cancer, including its DNA methylation biomarker, NDRG4, as well as technology covering the use of FIT (fecal immunochemical test) in combination with methylation.

These acquisitions include one-time fees totaling $15 million, including payments accrued since July 2016.

“With its ground-breaking achievements in molecular diagnostics, Exact Sciences is an ideal partner for us to collaborate with in the identification and development of new biomarkers for clinical diagnostic products,” said Wim van Criekinge, CSO of MDxHealth.

“The collaboration may allow each party to better capitalise on its cutting-edge epigenetic research and development efforts to bring new products and services to market to improve patient lives.”

Graham Lidgard, CSO and SVP of R&D of Exact Sciences, said: “MDxHealth has established itself as a leader in the discovery and development of epigenetic and molecular diagnostics technologies, particularly in the field of urology.

“We are delighted to continue our long-standing scientific co-operation through this new agreement, which has the potential to benefit both companies` product development programs.”