ASML files patent countersuits against Nikon

ASML said it is filing initial legal claims against Nikon for infringement of more than 10 patents related to a broad range of products in the fields of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, flat panel display manufacturing equipment and digital cameras.

This follows Nikon’s announcement on April 24, 2017, that it sued ASML.

ASML categorically denies infringing any of Nikon’s patents.

ASML said it has filed suits in Japan, both on its own and jointly with its strategic partner ZEISS, and that additional suits will be brought in the United States.

Peter Wennink, ASML Chief Executive Officer, said: “We have no choice but to file these countersuits.

“We have tried for many years to come to a cross-license agreement that reflects the increased strength of our patent portfolio.

“Unfortunately, Nikon has never seriously participated in negotiations.

“Now that Nikon has decided to take this dispute to court, we also have to enforce our patent portfolio, and we will do this as broadly as possible.”