GTL successfully requests IPR of Securus patents

GTL, which provides services to 32 state departments of corrections, said the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) has instituted trial against three Securus US patents.

The three patents, issued in 2015, address communications among inmates and various aspects of inmate video visitation.

GTL said the PTAB found a reasonable likelihood that GTL would prevail in demonstrating that all claims are unpatentable for all three patents.

“We are pleased with the PTAB’s finding, but certainly not surprised,” said GTL CEO Brian Oliver.

“We have had tremendous success in dismantling the core of Securus’ patent portfolio and will continue our work to keep the market clear for innovation.

“GTL has now spent three years successfully using the PTAB procedures to expose the weaknesses of Securus’ patent portfolio – both old and new patents.

“And we will continue to do so, as necessary.”

GTL said that over the past three years it has challenged 20 Securus patents before the PTAB and that the PTAB instituted reviews on 19 of those 20 patents.