S&W Seed in alfalfa agreement with Generic Genetics

S&W Seed Company said it entered into an agreement with Generic Genetics, which is led by biotech trait developer David Stalker, to develop novel alfalfa seed varieties containing select biotechnology traits.

S&W said that as a number of unique technologies come off patent in the coming years it will look to leverage Generic Genetics’ knowledge of the patent landscape and scientific expertise “to create varieties specific to S&W, utilizing current transgenic traits coupled with other trait technologies proprietary to Generic Genetics.”

S&W Seed Company CEO Mark Grewal said: “As the agricultural biotech industry reaches its silver anniversary, many patents are on the verge of expiration.

“S&W and Generic Genetics will be working together in an effort to leverage these opportunities for the alfalfa seed industry, utilizing a combination of unique technologies.

“Dave Stalker is one of the early pioneers within the ag-biotech industry and brings a tremendous depth of knowledge in terms of intellectual property and trait development.

“We believe that today’s announcement is yet another example of S&W’s commitment to develop varieties and traits to meet market demand.”