US patent for Intec Pharma Parkinson’s Accordion Pill

Intec Pharma Ltd. said the US Patent and Trademark Office granted the company a patent titled “Accordion Pill Comprising Levodopa for Improved Treatment of Parkinson’s Diseases Symptoms.”

Intec Pharma said the patent is scheduled to remain in force until November 2031 and belongs to the company’s IN-11 patent family.

Intec Pharma CEO Giora Carni said in a statement: “The approval of this new U.S. patent is a key addition that extends and strengthens the company’s global intellectual property portfolio, specifically as it relates to an improved treatment regimen using Intec’s Accordion Pill Carbidopa / Levodopa (AP-CD/LD), which is currently in a global Phase III clinical trial in advanced Parkinson’s disease patients.

“The new U.S. patent joins another U.S. patent family that protects the combination of Accordion Pill with certain drugs, including the combination of Carbidopa and Levodopa.

“We continue to fortify our patent portfolio around our Accordion Pill technology platform, further protecting and distinguishing it from would-be competitors and firmly establishing Intec Pharma’s leading patent position for its proprietary oral drug delivery system.”