Stem cell company Cellect gets patent allowance

Cellect Biotechnology Ltd, a developer of stem cells isolation technology, said it received a formal notice of allowance for a patent covering “a key composition of matter and method of use.”

“Similar to the patents granted previously, the current patent significantly enhances Cellect’s protection of its core technology and its commercial applications by covering the various devices using the ApoGraft for selection of stem cells,” said Cellect.

“The device is designed to enable single step cell selection in a simplified setting by an off-the-shelf product – a solution that currently does not exist and covering a wide range of unmet medical needs.”

Cellect CEO Shai Yarkoni said: “This patent is a fundamental base for the future commercialization of our global business.

“Cellect has seven families of patents and patent applications to protect its core assets for enabling stem cell regenerative medicine.

“With this patent, we believe that Cellect has the opportunity to diversify its pipeline and open up new commercialization routes for additional market segments.”