Dana reaches milestone of 10,000 patents

Ohio-based auto parts manufacturer Dana Incorporated said it achieved the milestone of 10,000 patents issued to the company’s engineers and inventors.

“Dana consistently maintains a sharp focus on innovation, and the drive to advance technology is a cornerstone of our culture,” said George Constand, Dana’s chief technical officer.

“Our company founder Clarence Spicer was first issued a patent for the encased universal joint in 1904.

“This revolutionary technology literally unchained the automotive industry – and gave birth to a culture of innovation that spans well over a century.

“Our 10,000th patent is indicative of how we successfully help vehicle manufacturers meet increasing demands for fuel efficiency and driving performance.”

Founded in 1904, Dana employs 27,000 people in 34 countries. It reported sales of more than $5.8 billion in 2016.

Dana said that in addition to the 10,000 patents issued, it also has more than 1,300 patent pending applications.