Sisvel claims IPR win v ‘anti-troll’ Unified Patents

Patent firm Sisvel said it successfully defended institution of Inter Parties Review on its United States patent relating to systems and methods of guiding vehicles on road networks.

It said the petition was filed by Unified Patents earlier this year.

Unified Patents calls itself an “anti-troll” organization.

But Sisvel said the Patent Trial and Appeal Board “issued a decision denying institution on all challenged claims, holding that Unified Patents had failed to meet its burden to show that it would likely prevail on invalidity.”

Sisvel CEO Davide Ferri said: “We are very pleased with the board’s decision.

“We found it curious that Unified Patents selected this patent, which has never been litigated.

“We suspect Unified Patents shares our view of the importance of this patent to ride sharing and other traffic guidance companies, and we believe this decision strengthens the patent and enhances its value, particularly in these fields …

“We will of course take into account which companies take licenses for patents willingly, versus those companies that force Sisvel to incur needless costs defending its valid patents, whether directly or through intermediaries.”