Silence Therapeutics in patents court claim

Silence Therapeutics plc said it issued a claim in the UK High Courts of Justice (Patents Court) naming as defendants Alnylam UK Limited, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc, and The Medicines Company UK Limited.

“The claim asks the court to determine whether Silence is entitled to ‘supplementary protection certificates’ (SPCs) on several late stage Alnylam products, which include Patisiran, Fitusiran, Givosiran and Inclisiran (partnered with The Medicines Company), and could result in the extension of Silence’s European patent protection on these products,” said Silence.

SPCs are intellectual property rights which can give up to five years of exclusivity after a patent expires.

Silence Therapeutics CEO Ali Mortazavi said: “We reiterate, as stated in our press release on 30th May 2017, that we consider potential licences under our patent estate could have a significant financial effect relative to the current market capitalisation of Silence.

“As such, we consider the commencement of this process to be the next step in realising this value.”