CRISPR Therapeutics, Neon in research collaboration

Gene-editing company CRISPR Therapeutics and immuno-oncology company Neon Therapeutics announced a research collaboration to explore the combination of each company’s proprietary technologies to develop novel T cell therapies.

“Neon Therapeutics is committed to employ leading technologies, including CRISPR/Cas9, to improve the quality of our cell therapy approaches,” said Richard Gaynor, MD, president of research and development at Neon Therapeutics.

“This collaboration will explore gene-based technologies from CRISPR Therapeutics with our expertise in neoantigen science and T cell biology.”

Samarth Kulkarni, president and chief business officer of CRISPR Therapeutics, said: “We look forward to applying our proprietary CRISPR/Cas9 technologies in a variety of ways to generate potent T cell therapies directed against neoantigens.

“This collaboration with Neon Therapeutics supplements our internal efforts in immuno-oncology and broadens the spectrum of approaches we are able to explore.”