Agilent acquires Population Genetics patent portfolios

Agilent Technologies said it acquired the molecular and sample barcoding patent portfolios of Population Genetics Technologies.

Population Genetics was formed to commercialize the intellectual property portfolio of Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner focused on high sensitivity and high specificity Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) detection.

In 2015, Population Genetics became an IP holding entity with more than 30 patents.

Financial terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

“Our customers are increasingly requiring fully integrated next-generation sequencing workflows with the highest performance,” said Herman Verrelst, general manager of Agilent’s Genomics Division.

“With the addition of this IP portfolio, we can now deliver complete target enrichment solutions to our customers that they can trust, from QC to target enrichment, to analysis and interpretation that meets this demand.”

The acquired Population Genetics IP includes patents related to both molecular and sample barcoding that improve accuracy and sensitivity of NGS detection.

“The combination of these patents provides for customizable target enrichment solutions that enable customers to detect ultra-low mutation frequencies in very small DNA quantities,” said Agilent.

“These features are ideal for detection of rare-variants in cancer and reproductive genetics, including liquid biopsies.”

Jacob Thaysen, president of Agilent’s Diagnostics and Genomics Group, said: “We are excited to bring these technologies to our customers.

“We outlined a strategy to grow in the diagnostics space, and to build a complete routine clinical NGS workflow.

“This acquisition is another example of executing on that strategy, and our commitment to helping our customers improve the quality of life.”