IBM patents system to secure cryptographic keys

IBM said its engineers have been granted a patent on “an approach for utilizing the inherent structure of a printed circuit board (PCB) to protect cryptographic keys and codes” in a manner designed to be highly tamper-resistant.

“The patented system does not require extensive use of resin or other materials to encase a module or package containing keys and codes, thereby providing the opportunity for significant improvement in manufacturing yield, as well as a decrease in repairs needed in the field due to package reliability,” said IBM.

“The invention could help protect keys and codes that encrypt data stored on any platform whether your data is in the cloud or an enterprise storage system.

“Protecting cryptographic keys and codes that are used to encrypt and decrypt data is fundamental to effective information security.

“When cryptographic keys and codes are stored on modules within an electronic device, preventing physical tampering or access to those modules is important to help prevent the keys and codes from being compromised.”

Stefano Oggioni, Engineering Manager, IBM Systems and co-inventor on the patent, said: “At IBM, there are teams engaged in inventing and innovation on data protection and security which are fundamental cornerstones of our global digital future.

“We had this in mind when creating this innovation.”