Conversant files patent infringement and FRAND case

Conversant Wireless Licensing S.à r.l., a subsidiary of Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc., said it filed a patent infringement case against Huawei Technologies and ZTE in the Patents Court of the High Court of Justice in London, UK.

“In its complaint, Conversant Wireless is asking the Court to declare that Conversant has made a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) offer to license its standard essential patent (SEP) portfolio to each defendant, or alternatively to determine the FRAND terms for such a license to each defendant,” said Conversant.

Conversant also alleges that each defendant’s mobile handsets infringe four of Conversant’s SEPs.

Conversant Wireless licenses its worldwide portfolio of wireless patents and patent applications that cover technologies used in a wide range of mobile communications devices and services, such as handsets, cameras, tablets, and laptops.

“Conversant Wireless has been negotiating for years with both defendants,” said Boris Teksler, President and CEO of Conversant.

“We have repeatedly explained to each of the defendants how they are using our SEPs and made clear Conversant’s willingness to negotiate and conclude a FRAND portfolio license in accordance with our FRAND undertakings.

“But neither Huawei nor ZTE has accepted any of Conversant’s offers or made a FRAND counter-offer, leaving Conversant no choice but to enforce our patent rights in court.”