Centripetal files patent case v Keysight, Ixia

Cybersecurity company Centripetal Networks said it filed a complaint against Keysight Technologies, Inc. and Ixia in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division.

“The complaint asserts that Keysight and Ixia’s ThreatARMOR, Vision ONE, and Application and Threat Intelligence products and services are infringing at least four patents owned by Centripetal Networks,” said Centripetal.

“These patents generally relate to protecting networks by quickly identifying new network security threats, identifying compromised hosts, and dynamically managing massively scaled network security policies.”

Centripetal Networks CEO Steven Rogers said: “We filed this lawsuit only after it became clear that Keysight and Ixia were using the technological advantages enabled by our intellectual property to enter the network security market and develop their own competing products.”