Snap Light files $100m patent case v Kim Kardashian

Snap Light, LLC said it filed a $100 million patent infringement case against Kim Kardashian West alleging Kardashian West’s LuMee cellphone case “willfully violated Snap Light, LLC’s exclusively licensed patent for LED lights surrounding a cellphone case.”

A spokesperson for Kardashian said: “The patent lawsuit filed by Snap Light has no merit and is just another attempted shakedown.

“Kim has done absolutely nothing wrong.”

Snap Light said: “Despite the similarity of the products there is a significant distinction firmly based in the fact that the SnapLight Case boasts an internal phone charging mechanism pushing the product beyond a mere phone case and into the power bank sector.

“The LuMee Case, an LED lighted phone case, never provided the functionality housed in the SnapLight product line.

“Yet, despite that obvious fact, Kardashian West’s company bullied the small San Diego based firm by sending letters to SnapLight distributors and retailers with false patent infringement allegations.

“Kardashian West, through LuMee, demanded that sales of SnapLight cases cease due to these false allegations.”

Snap Light said that to avoid litigation it attempted to work with LuMee and Kardashian West.

“Their response: ‘We don’t want anyone else in this market’,” said Snap Light.

“As the direct result of the letters LuMee disseminated, issues arose with SnapLight’s established distribution networks resulting in loss of revenue including hits on their reputation,” said Snap Light.

Snap Light founder Bardia Rahim alleged: “LuMee began a slander campaign by creating doubt in our technological and operational integrity.

“It’s illegal to try and monopolize the market, but more than that, it’s un-American to do it when you’re being deceptive and unethical the entire time.”

A spokesperson for LuMee told The Holyrood Reporter: “LuMee was disappointed to learn about the lawsuit filed against Kim Kardashian West by Snaplight, LLC, alleging patent infringement with regard to her involvement with LuMee.

“The lawsuit has no merit and Kim has done nothing wrong.

“LuMee is an innovator of illuminated cell phone cases and was the first to market.

“Between its patents, copyrights and trademarks, LuMee has developed substantial intellectual property rights surrounding its product line.”