Philips nets $7.1m jury award in Zoll patent fight

A federal jury has ordered medical equipment maker Zoll Medical Corp to pay Philips a net verdict of $7.1 million for infringing three patents covering technology related to external defibrillators — much less than Philips had sought — Reuters reported.

In a statement, Zoll Medical said Philips had been seeking total damages of $217 million.

The award by the jury in Boston came during the damages phase of a long-running lawsuit by Philips after an appellate court last year upheld part of an earlier 2013 verdict finding Zoll liable for infringing the patents, Reuters reported.

Zoll Medical CEO Jonathan Rennert said: “We are satisfied that the jury has been fair in awarding reasonable damages under the circumstances.

“The patents in question are all expired and there is no impact on Zoll’s day-to-day business.

“We look forward to continuing to focus on market opportunities where our defibrillator technology enjoys standard of care status.””