Schneider licenses hot aisle patents from Switch

Data center company Switch said it has licensed its patented hot-aisle containment and cooling technology known in the industry as the Switch T-SCIFs and the Switch TSCs to Schneider Electric.

“We are excited to conclude this important license, clearing the way for us to incorporate Switch’s innovative hot aisle containment and cooling technologies which will complement Schneider’s product offerings and efficiencies,” said Christopher Hanley, SVP of Data Center Systems for Schneider Electric.

“This announcement further strengthens our long and growing relationship and provides another opportunity for data center clients to benefit from the combined innovation from Switch and Schneider Electric.”

Samuel Castor, executive vice president of policy for Switch, said: “The industry continues to recognize the benefits of Switch’s technology to reduce data center carbon footprints and improve server deployment densities and efficiencies.

“Switch’s policy team licenses Switch technology to those best situated to help lay the foundation for the internet of everything, like Schneider Electric, and we will vigorously defend against unauthorized use.

“We are honored to offer Schneider Electric a license to these patents and we are pleased that Schneider finds Switch’s patents unique and valuable.”