Andrea Electronics case v Apple begins at ITC

Long Island, New York-based family business Andrea Electronics Corporation said it is suing Apple Inc. for patent infringement “on audio processing technology found in the defendant’s products.”

Andrea Electronics said the hearing at the US International Trade Commission is set to begin on August 21, 2017

“According to the filings, Apple is in violation of Section 337 of the Tariff Act by importing infringing devices into the United States,” alleged Andrea Electronics.

“Andrea’s complaint specifically requests that the ITC exclude the iPhone phones and other Apple products from being imported and to issue cease and desists orders to stop the infringing activity.”

Andrea Electronics CEO Douglas Andrea said: “We are a proud, third-generation family business whose products are showcased in the Henry Ford Museum and the Smithsonian National Museum, and we refuse to stand by and watch a legacy built over 80 years to be torn down by electronic giants with deep pockets and global influence.

“We are proud that Apple, like our already existing licensees, desires the use of our technology, but we request that they license it legally.

“If they refuse, we ask that the ITC stop them from selling products that contain our patented technology.”