Cloud security company vArmour adds 12 patents

Data center and cloud security company vArmour said it has almost doubled its patent portfolio in the past year, with 12 additions issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

“vArmour has exponentially increased its patent portfolio since 2015, having an additional 12 issued within the past year, taking the total patents issued to 25, plus 23 pending US patents,” said vArmour.

“The recently awarded and pending patents help security teams in defining and applying application policies to better secure data in multi-cloud environments.”

vArmour CEO Tim Eades said: “vArmour is at the forefront of transforming data center security through our innovative approach to policy and automation.

“As a company, we are focusing on addressing the needs of today’s digital enterprise.

“As organizations continue to grow and scale, the latest patents we’ve added to our portfolio will support customers with the tools they require for better securing data in multi-cloud environments.”