Allowance notice for DeepCell cannabis-based patent

Seattle-based cannabis intellectual property company DeepCell Industries announced a notice of allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its Crystal Fusion technology.

“The process infuses crystals such as sugar and salt with cannabinoid molecules, paving the way for flexible cannabis edibles,” said DeepCell Industries.

DeepCell CEO Kelly Ogilvie said: “This technology allows us to infuse cannabinoids in sugar and salt, placing DeepCell in the rare air of companies in the cannabis industry who are filing patents.

“DeepCell believes cannabis is a green-field industry where patents and IP will become very valuable.

“Our business model aggressively pursues IP in high value areas.

“By focusing on ingredients including sugar and salt, the world’s most widely-used ingredients, we’ve simplified the process for businesses to innovate.

“We’re proud to be driving tomorrow’s cannabis technologies.”