Finjan, IBM in patent acquisition, development deal

Cybersecurity licensing company Finjan Holdings said it formed a new subsidiary called Finjan Blue which has entered into a patent acquisition and development agreement with IBM and includes “pathways for the two companies to consider development efforts in the future.”

Finjan Holdings said: “The agreement, the terms of which are confidential, includes the transfer of select security-related patent assets and provides for the sharing of pertinent institutional knowledge and resources by IBM to Finjan Blue.”

Finjan Holdings CEO Phil Hartstein said: “Finjan returns to its roots with a business relationship it had with IBM nearly 20 years ago that included Finjan shipping its early enterprise appliance products on the IBM e-series chassis.

“This agreement sets the foundation for us to work cooperatively with IBM now and into the future, bolsters our growth, and fits squarely within our strategic objectives.”