New patent intelligence data tool from Anaqua

IP management and analytics software firm Anaqua announced the release of a new patent intelligence data tool called Forward Examiner Rejections “which enables companies to identify which of their patents are blocking competitors’ new inventions.”

The new functionality, available in Anaqua’s Acclaim IP, “will allow corporations to review which of their patents are potentially being infringed upon by competitors,” said Anaqua.

“In addition, it informs companies which of their patents may be useful in cross licensing, which may be fenced in by competitors, and which may require additional continuations to protect their technology space.”

Matt Troyer, director of patent analytics at Anaqua, said: “Prior to Anaqua’s release of Forward Examiner Rejection data, determining who your patents blocked was not just difficult, but effectively impossible, requiring data mining of thousands of office actions every week.

“With the release of this new capability, patent owners and their law firms have the information required to assess which patents have strategic value to the business, and which may no longer be relevant.”