Terra Tech patent bid for cannabis rolling papers

Terra Tech Corp, a cannabis-focused agriculture company, said it filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for cannabis-infused rolling papers.

“The inventive rolling papers, which are expected to launch in 2018, will be the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of IVXX branded premium cannabis products, which includes flowers, concentrates, custom-rolled joints and edibles,” said Terra Tech.

“As with all IVXX products, the rolling papers will be free of toxic pesticides, harmful molds and chemical residues.”

Terra Tech said the patent application covers the infusion of cannabis concentrates in rolling papers to “achieve enhanced levels of active ingredients.”

Terra Tech CEO Derek Peterson said: “Infusing rolling papers with cannabis can enhance the user experience for adult-use and medical cannabis users alike, for example by customizing the amount of active ingredients available in a joint, without the need to manually add a concentrate to the flower in a joint.

“Furthermore, cannabis concentrate infused rolling papers can come in a range of different flavors.

“We are pleased to have filed this patent as we work toward growing our IP portfolio and expanding our range of premium quality cannabis products.”