TissueTech gets patents for placental tissue methods

TissueTech Inc. said it was awarded four patents by the US Patent Trademark Office, with two of the patents covering methods of promoting bone formation and the others covering “methods for lyophilizing and sterilizing placental tissue.”

TissueTech CEO Amy Tseng said: “TissueTech continues to maintain its status as the leader in the scientific understanding and innovative application of placental tissue in regenerative medicine.

“In addition to being the recipient of four new patents, the company recently surpassed the milestone of 300,000 human implants performed by clinicians and our research is backed by more than 30 years of continuous funding through the National Institute of Health.

“The recognition of this technology and its use in medicine underscores our success in finding new and important arenas where regenerative therapy offers the potential to address underserved and unmet clinical needs and improve patients’ lives.”

TissueTech is the parent company of Amniox Medical and Bio-Tissue, Inc.

“TissueTech was the first company to introduce cryopreserved umbilical cord and amniotic membrane tissues for clinical transplantation,” said Scheffer Tseng, chief technology officer of TissueTech.

“As a pioneer in this space and with the continued support of our NIH grant and the private capital that we have raised, we will continue to lead in the development of innovative technologies and delivery techniques to better serve patients across all sectors of healthcare with regenerative therapy options.”