IGT in patent cross-licensing deal with AGS

International Game Technology (IGT) said it signed a patent cross-licensing agreement with AGS, a designer of gaming products for the casino floor.

IGT is the holder of the largest slot game feature patent portfolio in North America.

Under the agreement, AGS can offer games including patented features from the IGT portfolio and will pay licensing fees to IGT.

Julia Boguslawski, AGS chief marketing officer, said: “This agreement with IGT, giving us access to a depth of patents, helps us remain focused on that goal while continuing to deliver some of the highest performing games in the industry.”

Michael Prescott, IGT senior vice president and general counsel, North America Gaming & Interactive, said: “We continue to build on the strength and value of IGT’s intellectual property as more and more gaming companies license our patented game features.

“This cross-licensing agreement with AGS extends the reach of our IP even further across the gaming industry, helping propel our collective innovation and growth.”