Gillette files patent suit against Edgewell

Procter & Gamble said that through its subsidiary The Gillette Company, LLC, it filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the US District Court of Connecticut against Edgewell Personal Care Company and several subsidiaries.

“The lawsuit challenges Edgewell’s Hydro Connect 5 razor cartridges, which are sold online and positioned as compatible with Gillette Fusion handles,” said Procter & Gamble.

“The lawsuit alleges patent infringement and seeks damages from these infringements.

“P&G also filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) seeking an exclusion order to prohibit Edgewell from importing the products into the United States from China.”

P&G said the patent in question is found in the Gillette Fusion Family.

It said the patent, which relates to how the razor cartridge and handle connect, was granted to P&G in 2015.

The lawsuit alleges Edgewell violates this patent with two products, Hydro Connect 5 and Hydro Connect 5 Sensitive, which were launched in May of this year.

“For over a century, Gillette has been investing to deliver world class innovation and shaving products of the highest quality, which is why so many men trust their faces to Gillette,” said P&G chief legal officer Deborah Majoras.

“It is also why we take action when necessary to defend our vital technical advancements and the equally vital scientists who produce them.”

Edgewell did not immediately respond to Gillette’s allegations.