GAC joins patent non-aggression network OIN

Open Invention Network (OIN), which calls itself “the largest patent non-aggression community in history” said Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group) joined as a community member.

“As owner of China’s fastest-growing auto brand, GAC Group is demonstrating its commitment to open source software (OSS) as an enabler of electronic vehicle systems,” said OIN.

Funded by Google, IBM, NEC, Philips, Red Hat, Sony, SUSE, and Toyota, OIN has more than 2,200 community members and owns more than 1,200 global patents and applications.

The OIN patent license and member cross-licenses are available royalty free to any party that joins the OIN community.

Keith Bergelt, CEO of Open Invention Network, said: “The automobile is quickly being reshaped, in everything from telematics to instrumentation to entertainment systems, by digital technologies.

“The key driver of these rapid advancements are open, collaborative platforms such as Automotive Grade Linux.

“We greatly appreciate GAC Group’s leadership in joining OIN and supporting patent non-aggression in Linux and adjacent open source technologies.”

The GAC Group said: “GAC Group has entered a new era with faster development in higher-end markets, and an emphasis on innovation and achieving technological breakthroughs, so that our products can achieve greater success in the international market.

“Given our goal of faster development and higher levels of innovation, building upon open source software is a perfect fit for our strategy.

“By joining Open Invention Network, we are demonstrating our commitment to open source software, and supporting it with a pledge of patent non-aggression.”