Tessera alleges patent infringement by Samsung

Tessera Technologies, Inc. and some of its subsidiaries filed legal proceedings against Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd. and certain of its affiliates alleging infringement of 24 patents that cover a wide range of semiconductor processing, bonding, and packaging technologies, as well as imaging technologies.

Tessera is a subsidiary of Xperi Corporation.

Xperi said the legal proceedings were filed in the US International Trade Commission, three US federal district courts, and certain international jurisdictions, alleging infringement by Samsung’s semiconductor products, its Galaxy S6, S7, S8, and Note 8 smartphones, and other products.

“Samsung has benefitted from its use of our semiconductor technologies for 20 years, having entered into its first license with Tessera, Inc. in 1997,” said Xperi CEO Jon Kirchner.

“Samsung has also been a customer of our FotoNation imaging technologies, and has expressed interest in certain of our other solutions.

“Samsung’s most recent semiconductor patent license expired in December 2016, but we believe it is continuing to use our patented technologies without authorization, and without paying us fair compensation.

“We diligently tried to work through our differences with Samsung over an extended period of time, and while we remain in dialogue, unfortunately at this point the parties have not been able to come to an agreement …

“Although we always prefer to reach negotiated license agreements, Samsung has left us with no choice but to defend our intellectual property rights through these legal action.

“We are confident in the breadth and quality of the proceedings we initiated today and we strongly believe these actions are in the best interests of the company, our other licensees, and our shareholders.”