Qualcomm seeks China iPhone ban in patent war – report

Qualcomm has filed lawsuits in China seeking to ban the sale and manufacture of iPhones in the world’s largest market for smartphones, according to a Bloomberg report.

It is the chipmaker’s biggest shot yet at Apple in a long-running legal battle.

Apple is challenging Qualcomm’s business practice of charging a percentage of the total price of iPhones and other Apple devices as a licensing fee for its patents.

Qualcomm has filed the suits in a Beijing intellectual property court claiming patent infringement and seeking injunctive relief, according to Christine Trimble, a company spokeswoman, Bloomberg reported.

“Apple employs technologies invented by Qualcomm without paying for them,” Trimble told Bloomberg.

The report said Qualcomm’s suits are based on three non-standard essential patents covering power management and a touch-screen technology called Force Touch.

Bloomberg reported Qualcomm made the filings at the Beijing court on September 29 but the court has not yet made them public.

Apple responded by telling reporters: “Apple believes deeply in the value of innovation, and we have always been willing to pay fair and reasonable rates for patents we use.

“In our many years of ongoing negotiations with Qualcomm, these patents have never been discussed and in fact were only granted in the last few months.

“Regulators around the world have found Qualcomm guilty of abusing their position for years.

“This claim is meritless and, like their other courtroom maneuvers, we believe this latest legal effort will fail.”