Patent for electronic contracting

Spanish tech company said the US Patent Office granted its patent request for the registered econtracting product under the name of “Method for Producing Electronic Contracts Certified by a User of a Telecommunications Operator.” said the term of patent is currently in force for 20 years and marks a turning point in’s growth strategy in the US market “which is assumed to be the world’s largest market in property rights and technology service” and where the patent for its Method of Registered email was granted in 2016.

“The granting of this patent will allow the company to expand its business in a booming sector with great potential such as electronic contracting,” said

“The method offers the possibility of closing agreements through email or SMS and with legal validity.

“The system differs from other solutions in the market for its easy use, as it sends the customer an SMS or email with the contract to which the receiver only must respond in the same way.

“Once the customer has replied, issues a certificate as proof of the transaction.” CEO Sisco Sapena said: “The granting of this patent allows us to offer our registered electronic contracting service to one of the major global powers.”

Sapena said the company “is betting in a decisive way the online contracting sector due to its great potential, both for the rise of online transactions and for the times a single person can manage different contracts during his lifetime.”