Shaving cartridge patent probe after Gillette petition

The US International Trade Commission ( USITC) said on Wednesday it voted to open a patent infringement investigation into shaving cartridges and related parts and products after a complaint from Gillette Co.

“The products at issue in the investigation are shaving cartridges that are used together with a shaving handle, which include the Schick Hydro Connect 5 shaving cartridges,” said the USITC.

The USITC identified the following as respondents in the investigation: Edgewell Personal Care Company of Chesterfield, MO; Edgewell Personal Care Brands, LLC of Shelton, CT; Edgewell Personal Care, LLC of Shelton, CT; Schick Manufacturing, Inc. of Shelton, CT; and Schick (Guangzhou) Co., Limited of Getdd. Guangzhou, China.