Casino Scouts buys Robins/Hepworth patent

Casino Scouts said it bought the Robins/Hepworth patent (USA #8,142, 281) for an undisclosed amount.

“The Robins/Hepworth patent provides a foundation for live gambling, enabling activity on a patron’s smart devices while in a casino setting,” said Casino Scouts CEO Stephen Crystal

“This technology will be a part of the Casino Scouts app offerings, wherein patrons have the ability to wager and/or play live games, such as roulette, poker, craps and sporting events from their smart device without being tethered to the game or table, while enjoying other activities the casino resort has to offer …

“Live game wagering is only one aspect of our app.

“As we have revealed over the past few weeks, we will be offering mobile concierge and premium content, engaging and relevant to current and future casino customers.

“This includes tournament and event support, social gaming, daily fantasy sports, and more, while leveraging new technologies to make these experiences better.”