Ethismos acquires Euthymics Bioscience IP assets

Ethismos Research Inc, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on addiction and depression,  said it acquired the intellectual property assets of Euthymics Bioscience Inc.

“This is comprised of twelve families of patents and patent applications including those underlying amitifadine, a serotonin-preferring triple reuptake inhibitor previously under phase 2 development by Euthymics,” said Ethismos.

“Amitifadine is believed to offer improved efficacy as a medication for smoking cessation (along with standard behavioral therapy).

“With more than a billion smokers worldwide, nicotine addiction is a serious problem since current smoking cessation treatments have modest efficacy with over 90% of those attempting to quit suffering relapse and returning to their old ways.”

Ethismos CEO Anthony McKinney said: “We want to help smokers break the bonds of tobacco.

“At Ethismos we are working to develop amitifadine as a novel smoking cessation medication with potentially higher efficacy than standard medications because amitifadine has pharmacology to address the primary reasons that smokers relapse.

“We hope to demonstrate that a decrease in withdrawal effects, less impulsive smoking in response to behavioral cues, and preventing post-cessation weight gain lead to less relapse.”

Ethismos said that beyond smoking cessation, there are additional opportunities to develop amitifadine to address alcohol use disorder and other substance use disorders.