800 electric car charger patents filed in three years

Market intelligence firm Netscribes Inc announced the findings of its report on the electric vehicle (EV) charging technology industry.

According to the Netscribes research, nearly 800 patents focused on EV charging were filed between 2014 and 2017, many of them by Qualcomm, Hyundai, Ford and Mitsubishi.

“While a majority of patents focus on wireless charging technologies, Netscribes forecasts a gradual shift towards renewable EV charging,” said Netscribes.

“Electric vehicle propulsion technology is the major focus area for most EV charging patent assignees.

“Electric power generation and supply and emission mitigation are the other key technology focus areas, which indicates that patent assignees are working towards optimizing the generation and supply of electricity using different battery systems.

“Qualcomm’s patents primarily focus on Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging (DEVC).”

Lalatendu Sahoo, Head of Patent Research at Netscribes, said: “With rising support for sustainable energy policies, the market for electric vehicles is set to reach new heights.

“Only the companies that can effectively capitalize on their core strengths and augment it with synergistic technological collaborations will emerge as leaders in the race …

“The insights obtained from technology and patent research can reveal the direction that the industry is taking and provide a peek into competitor strategies.”