Vivo signs MoU worth $4bn with Qualcomm

Chinese phone manufacturer Vivo said it signed a memorandum of understanding worth $4 billion with Qualcomm.

“The signing of this memorandum of understanding signifies Vivo and Qualcomm’s technical partnership and patent sharing, and will ensure Vivo’s leading position in mobile-related technologies,” said Vivo.

“To cater to the needs of more than two hundred million users, Vivo is committed to providing innovative and cutting-edge technologies in mobile photography, gaming, smart power saving and many other aspects in collaboration with Qualcomm’s optimized platforms.

“With the advent of 5G, Vivo understands the importance of human-computer interaction and has planned a series of collaborative initiatives to accelerate the formulation of 5G standards.

“In terms of the 5G SoC (System on Chip), Vivo will also share its many years of consumer market experience with Qualcomm to provide consumers with a better and more customized user experience.”

Vivo said it is also working with Qualcomm on research and development in the biometrics space.

“Vivo will continue to work with Qualcomm on other core technologies, particularly 3D facial identification, palm prints, fingerprints, iris scanning and other biometric technologies, to improve the ease-of-use and security of mobile phone biometrics.”