New patents for Gentag lab-on-a-chip devices

Gentag, Inc. announced the issuance of 30 additional patents in Europe covering wireless lab-on-a-chip (LOC) diagnostic devices.

Gentag said it now holds more than 100 patents covering cell-based consumer and medical diagnostics “that are at the apex of personalized medicine, telemedicine and point-of-care testing.”

Gentag added: “These combined technologies allow a range of applications from simple diagnostics (such as a wireless fever detection skin patch) to sophisticated biomarker analyses for precision medicine.

“Recent advances in proteomics and artificial intelligence (AI) will scale up the discovery of new biomarkers and monoclonal antibodies that in turn can be used for the creation of low cost advanced diagnostic sensors.

“Using the patented Gentag technology, advanced diagnostics can be done on the spot using a single drop of blood or urine on a disposable wireless device.

“New protein, biomarker and metabolite patterns can be applied to early disease detection, preventive medicine, immunotherapy and new drug development.

“Disposable wireless diagnostic sensors will allow medical professionals and consumers to undertake diagnostics at the point of care in a market expected to hit $96 billion by 2024.”

Gentag said the new patents are issuing under EP 2843848 B1 and complement the already-issued US lab-on-a-chip patent 9,470,699.

The company said: “Gentag’s LOC patents cover protein and biomarker quantification, DNA testing and chemical mixing on a small disposable device controlled and read by a cell phone, using NFC or Bluetooth.

“The patents are held by Altivera, LLC a Gentag shareholder owned company.”