Consumer Tech Hall of Fame picks Arlene Harris

Arlene Harris

Arlene Harris, often called “The First Lady of Wireless” for her work as an inventor, patent holder, investor and entrepreneur in the wireless industry has been selected for the 2017 class of the Consumer Technology Association’s Consumer Technology (CT) Hall of Fame.

Harris has spent her whole career in the wireless industry, contributing multiple patents and inventing technology including the Jitterbug cell phone for seniors and pre-paid cellular service.

Harris co-founded GreatCall in 2006 — the first cellular phone and service platform dedicated to providing a simple and personalized cell phone experience.

“In everything I do, I focus on bringing simplicity to technology so we can all live full, happy lives,” said Harris, co-founder and CEO, Dyna, LLC.

“It is so rewarding to see my contributions play a valuable role in the wireless industry and I am grateful to be included in the CT Hall of Fame.”

Consumer Technology Association CEO Gary Shapiro said: “Arlene is a stand-out example of a technology innovator who has infused her passion and creativity into the consumer technology world.

“We are thrilled to recognize her achievements in the wireless industry as the inventor of the Jitterbug and a number of significant wireless technology breakthroughs.”