Kanban builds Provenance big-data patent platform

New York-based Kanban Solutions LLC said it was chosen by Provenance Asset Group to build and launch a high-speed, globally distributed, big-data patent platform called TrustedPatents.

“We turned to Kanban as a partner that would help us design a Web platform that would be the very foundation of Provenance Asset Group,” said Dan McCurdy, CEO of Provenance.

“Kanban quickly grasped the functionality we required for our external clients and to support internal operations.

“Within two weeks, we had a complete design and architecture.

“It is durable, functional, global, flexible, and beautiful.

“Its sophisticated data structure, its scalable AWS infrastructure, and its clean, simple, and elegant user interface perfectly matched our requirements.

“The result far exceeded our expectation.”

Kanban CEO Josh Manton said: “It was a technically challenging project on many levels, and I am extremely proud of my engineering and delivery teams for executing it flawlessly.

“We have a wonderful working relationship with Provenance Asset Group, and I look forward to our continued partnership to evolve the platform.”